Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 25 Apr 2021


What do You think of creating a single spiritual religion taking good from all the religions and banning all other religions?

[Question asked in internet forum through Shri Anil]

Swāmi replied:- That is what I have done under the name of ‘Universal Spirituality’. Banning bad of all religions is done indirectly by telling whatever is bad in each religion. It is told that each religion, the founder human incarnation established all good concepts whereas in each religion, certain followers have introduced bad. Due to this, every religion is polluted by certain followers. Words like banning will enrage the blind fascinated followers of every religion. Universal Spirituality is not a specific religion, which embraces all religions and is confined to the good concepts in every religion. The good concepts in all religions are one and the same. Universal Spirituality (can be also called as Universal Religion) embraces all religions like the central Government of India embracing all state Governments. The resident of each state is simultaneously a member of that state and a member of Union Government. An Andhra means that he belongs to the state called Andhra Pradesh and the Andhra is also called Indian simultaneously. Indian means that this Andhra belongs to the Nation called India in which all states like Andhra Pradesh etc., exist. By this, no religion is discarded or banned and this gives psychological satisfaction to even conservatives of any religion. The main aim of the Universal Spirituality is that one shall never criticize any other religion. The Universal Spirituality also gives all good concepts in one place so that the same good concepts can be followed by everybody while continuing in his/her own religion. The member of every religion finds what is good and what is bad in his/her own religion. Your basic idea is achieved through My effort and the only difference is that you are dealing directly hurting devotees of all religions whereas I am dealing indirectly to achieve the same goal without hurting anybody.