Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 25 Dec 2021


Why did God Krishna advise to worship the inert hill than worshipping angel Indra?

[A question by Dr. Balaji]

Swami replied: The angel Indra was having a lot of pride in his mind thinking himself as the ultimate controller of rains. The ultimate controller of rains and also of any activity of the world is only God Datta or Father of Heaven, whose incarnation is God Krishna. In this context, God Krishna felt that the hill is better than Indra in not having ego. Moreover, Indra is worshipped as the ultimate controller of rains, which means that Indra is treated as a representative model for worship of the ultimate God. Here, a hill is better than Indra because the inert hill can also be worshipped as a representative model of God. God Krishna wanted to remove the pride of Indra and in this context, the hill was made better than Indra. Zero (hill) is better than minus (Indra). Ignorance is better than wrong knowledge and inactivity is better than doing sin. In fact, Indra is the servant of the Ultimate God, Krishna or God Datta. Indra is a servant employed in the department of rains and his ultimate boss is God Krishna. Forgetting this, he ordered continuous rains to trouble the villagers, who obeyed Krishna and worshiped the hill.