Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 21 Feb 2021


Why would God be interested in human beings when any person is like a mere grain of sand on a beach?

[A question by Śrī Anil]

Swami replied: When a child is born, the child is also a mere grain of sand on the beach compared to the great personalities of its parents. Then why do the parents take utmost care of their children? When the children grow, the parents show lesser care because the grown-up child knows its responsibility and can take care of itself. Your question itself contains the answer. Care is taken by God since the soul is a grain of sand and not a hill. This care of God for the soul increases further if the soul is a downtrodden sinner. Jesus said that a patient alone requires the help of the doctor and not a healthy person. God enters into this world taking up a human medium to attend only to such serious patients. Of course, God, the doctor advises devotees, who are like healthy persons also, to maintain their health and improve their health so that they can become stronger.