Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 Apr 2023


Bringing back life to devotee's dead mother for sometime

[By Shri Lakshman Ganapathy]

Padanamaskarams Swami,

I would like to share a recent miracle that happened to me by Your grace.

My mother had been falling at least once a month since September 2021. In one such fall on 26/12/2021, she broke her collar bone and she was in terrible pain. Shri Phani Kumar visited us on 27/12/2021 and accompanied me to the doctor to help her ease her pain. But the pain was too much to bear. I prayed to Swami to reduce her pain. Shri Phani visited us after few days and simply touched her right hand and within few days the pain vanished.

On 11/06/2022, she suffered a brain hemorrhage due to a fall while going to the toilet at 2.30 am and had to be hospitalized. She was sent home after 10 days and she was bedridden ever since.

In the initial days she used to scream a lot in pain, especially at night, which was causing disturbances to the neighbors. I put up with this for more than a month, but it was getting worse so I prayed to Swami, the kindest Swami answered my prayers and all of a sudden, the screaming stopped.

My mother’s health fluctuated a lot thereafter in the last nine months. In mid-February 2023 she developed herpes and I know that it was really very painful to her. But by Swami’s grace she never felt the pain. On the morning of 27/03/2023 she appeared very calm and I left for office. All of a sudden, her health turned worse and at 9.45 am she took a deep breath and passed motion. The nurse felt that her end was very near and her pulse was coming down. I had reached my office and my wife Smt. Meena phoned to me to come home quickly as my mother was very serious. I immediately left office and on the way I phoned Shri Phani Kumar and requested him to reach my house and attend to my mother in view of this urgent matter. Shri Phani Kumar immediately rushed to my home and by that time, the nurse examined with the help of pulse oximeter etc., and declared her to be dead. Shri Phani told me over phone about this situation. I fervently prayed to Swami that she should live till I got there and pass away in front of me.

After reaching home I expressed this desire present in my mind. Then, Shri Phani took the pulse oximeter and attached to the finger of her right hand. Astonishingly, the meter showed oxygen level as 98 and pulse rate as 72. After sometime, Shri Phani Kumar changed the same equipment to the finger of left hand and the instrument showed her as dead. She passed away peacefully without any struggle. I strongly felt that Swami fulfilled my desire through this miracle.

- At Your Divine Lotus Feet, Lakshman G