Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 11 Jan 2024


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How can Radha be admitted to Nivrutti when she failed to do justice to her husband?

[Smt. Chhanda Chandra asked:-  You told that unless one succeeds in Pravrutti, he/she will not be admitted into Nivrutti. What I mean is that since Radha failed in justice with her husband, Ayanaghosha, she should not be admitted into Nivrutti by Krishna.]

Swami replied:- If you take the case of Radha, it is climax mad love towards Krishna, which is an infinite ocean that drowned the entire creation so that nothing and nobody are found except the water of the ocean. Will you talk logically about justice and injustice with a mad person, who is to be admitted into a mental hospital? In the case of mad devotion of Radha, you are finding only one object in her mind, which is God Krishna only. The mental picture of Radha can be compared to the monism of Shankara (Advaita philosophy) before creation, when only one absolute reality called Brahman is existing. Therefore, in this climax state of madness, there is no place for even the existence of Ayanaghosha so that you can test her whether she was loyal to Ayanaghosha or not. There is no chance for you to examine whether the mad Radha was successful in Pravrutti or not. Had Radha been in normal condition, you can question her about her loyalty to Ayanaghosha based on which you can decide whether she will be loyal to Krishna or not. In this angle, Krishna can test her and if it is proved that she is loyal to Ayanaghosha in Pravrutti, Radha can be expected to be loyal to God in Nivrutti. Hence, My statement that ‘Success in Pravrutti alone can give the admission into Nivrutti’ applies to a normal devotee existing in normal condition. This statement will not apply to a mad devotee, who does not find anything or anybody except God Krishna. The state of Gopikas was also the same madness in which words of others are not heard at all. When Uddhava came and preached the Advaita philosophy to the Gopikas, which states that Gopika herself is God, the Gopikas replied to him “We are filled with Krishna from top to bottom and there is no vacant place in our bodies due to which even a word spoken by you could enter us”. When the mad person does not hear anything, how can you test him/her about the past Pravrutti? All the attention of the devoted Gopikas is pointed towards a single item called Krishna and this is said to be the most special case in the Gita (Ekabhaktir viśiṣyate).