Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 10 Nov 2023


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Swami answers devotees' questions

1. What is Mahalya Amavasya?

[Smt. Suganya Raman asked: Padanamaskaram Swamiji. Kindly tell me what Mahalya Amavasya is? What is the essence or real significance of holding certain ritualistic practices on Mahalya Amavasya? Also what is the right mindset, when holding those rituals. At Your Lotus feet, Your servant - Suganya Raman]

Swami replied:- Mahalaya Amaavaasya comes in the Bhaadrapada month. On that day, people worship the angels of Pitruloka in which our departed ancestors doing neither bad nor good live. The angels are called Pitrudevataas and our departed ancestors are called Pitarah (Pitrus), living with angels. On this day, one has to worship mainly Pitrudevataas and secondarily our departed ancestors. The supernatural power is with Pitrudevataas only, who protect even our departed ancestors.

2. If I follow one of Your instruction, I am disobeying the other. Please guide me.

[Ms. Noishadha asked: Paadanamaskaram Swami, You have taught me to surrender everything to God and accept whatever fruit God gives me as Prasadam. You have clearly instructed me not to aspire anything from God. Recently, when I asked You about my health problems, You instructed me to chant "Shri Anjaneya Shri Subrahmanya" mantra everyday. While chanting the mantra, I feel like I am disobeying Your first instruction since the root cause of this is my aspiration for good health. If I don't chant every day, I am disobeying Your second instruction directly. Swami, please forgive me if the question is wrong. I can't even imagine thanking You enough for Your unimaginable kindness on me even though I am clearly doing sins now and then. At Your Divine Lotus Feet, Noishadha]

Swami replied:- You are studying with a justified aspiration to build up your career for the worldly life (Pravrutti) that stands as a strong stage for spiritual life (Nivrutti). This is not a wrong aspiration. Since it is a right aspiration, you can pray God for your health. A bad person also prays to God for good health so that he can effectively do more sins. This aspiration is called as the aspiration that is to be avoided before God.

3. When can we say that a devotee has learnt complete spiritual knowledge?

[Ms. Arati asked: Paadanamaskaaram Swami, When can we say that a devotee has learnt complete spiritual knowledge?? Or the devotee will be lifeline learner?? Regards, Arati.]

Swami replied:- When you do not get any doubt regarding any concept of spiritual knowledge, know that you have the complete spiritual knowledge. Incomplete spiritual knowledge always causes doubts about concepts.