Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 03 Jun 2024


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Swami answers devotees' questions

1. Can I be healed?

[Mr. Eve Baldwin asked: I suffered a massive mental breakdown that has left me incapacitated and unable to function for the past five and a half years. I am literally trapped in the void between life and death. Can I be healed? Can You heal me? I need a Miracle.]

Swami replied:- No need of a miracle. You will be healed.

2. What is my fate going to be?

[Shri Jayesh Pandey asked: Pada Namaskaram Swami ji!]

Swami replied:- Your fate is in your hand. Only God Hanuman can protect you. Don’t leave Him.

3. Will I learn Martial Arts in future?

[Below Your Feet!]

Swami replied:- Is this question worthy to ask Me?