Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 May 2024


Swami answers questions on Islam brought by Shri Anil

[Shri Anil Antony asked: Padanamaskaram Swami, I request You to answer the following questions raised in a discussion forum related to Islam. At Your Lotus Feet-anil.]

1. Why was there conflict between Jesus and Muhammad, as well as their followers, if they were both considered messengers of God?

Swami replied:- There is no conflict between the messengers of God because the message is from the same God. Only the bad followers quarrel.

2. Did Muhammad die for our sins?

Swami replied:- Nobody died for our sins. If somebody dies, the soul is not reformed and will continue to do the sins expecting that the kindest God will die now and then for the sake of His children. Such a father is foolish and blind with the fascination for his children. If God dies only once, it is not justified because such opportunity is not given to the future generations! Jesus died for the sake of the true spiritual knowledge condemning the false spiritual knowledge of the priests, who forced Him to accept their false spiritual knowledge. Had Jesus followed the priests, He would not have met the crucifixion. Emmanuel means He, who saves His devotees and not all, not every Tom, Dick and Harry. This concept is commercialized by certain priests for the sake of conversion of religion!

3. Why does the Quran have a lot of interpretations by different scholars when the Quran itself says Allah made it easy for understanding?

Swami replied:- It is the human tendency to interpret the constitution to favor the selfishness of the contesting human being. You are seeing this in the profession of advocates in the courts.

4. Why is there no mention of any name of any prophets from Eastern countries like India etc.?

[According to Islam, there are 124,000 prophets who were sent to different parts of the world. Why is there no mention of any name of any prophets from Eastern countries like India, China or Japan?]

Swami replied:- Every human incarnation preaches true spiritual knowledge and is a divine prophet only. There is no registered association of prophets separately.

5. What was the purpose of Muhammad being sent to all mankind?

Swami replied:- The purpose was to avoid the diversity of God by finding the unity in all the forms of God.

6. What is the connection between Shukracharya and Prophet Mohammad?

Swami replied:- Preaching bad souls to bring them to the correct path.