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Do Hell and Heaven Exist?

Posted on: 1 Jan 2013
O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

This universe is infinite. I am unable to show the existence of these super worlds to you. I accept my incapacity. But you are also incapable of directly proving the non-existence of these super worlds. Have you searched all over the universe and said "Here ends the universe. Beyond this point there is no universe. This is the compound-wall of space. Your super worlds do not exist anywhere"? Therefore, there is an equal chance for the existence and non-existence of the super worlds according to the theory of probability. Now let us analyze both our cases. Both of us are eating to live. The basic needs are satisfied in the cases of both of us. You have spent your extra time in earning more money, which may give you some problems of health like diabetes, blood pressure, due to over-enjoyment. I have not earned more money and I am healthy due to normal food.

None of us will carry the money with us after death. The money given to the children may also be lost in several ways. Therefore, I do not find much difference between us, once the basic needs are satisfied. I am poor because I have spent my extra time in the service of God. Suppose after my death, you are correct and there are no super worlds. In such a case what I have lost? There is no loss for me. But after your death, suppose I am correct and there are super worlds. You have lost every thing and God will not save you. Thus, even if we assume equal probability of existence and non-existence of heaven and hell, it is better to serve the Lord by sacrificing your extra time and energy for the Lord, after meeting your basic needs. You must read the theory of probability, which is perfectly a scientific theory.


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