Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


107. Unattainable God reveals His body

न लभ्योऽपि विवृणुते तनूं स्वामिति श्रुतिः।१०७।
na labhyo'pi vivṛṇute tanūṁ svāmiti śrutiḥ|107|

As per the Veda, even though God is unattainable, He reveals His body.


The Veda says that God is beyond even imagination and logic and therefore cannot be obtained by anybody through any effort (Na medhayaa…). But in the same place, Veda says that God is attained by the topmost devotees, who are very anxious to attain Him. The Veda further says that to such devotees, God reveals the medium or body in which He exists, so that God is attained by the devotees indirectly. Nobody can attain God directly. The only way to attain God is the indirect method in which God enters a medium and identifies with it. When the electric current enters the wire, the current pervades all over the wire and the current is experienced as an electric shock when we touch the wire. Here though the wire is touched directly, the electric current is experienced through the wire indirectly. Even though this appears as an indirect way, it is also the direct way because the current pervades all over the wire. Similarly, even though the medium is experienced, it means God is experienced through the medium. Hence, in one angle it appears as an indirect way but from another angle it is as good as the direct way.


The unimaginable God cannot be obtained by any body because He cannot even be imagined. But some people want to see God. They want to talk to God. So God enters some medium and reveals His body. You can talk, see, and touch God. I am talking about the mediated God (God in a medium) here. The original God enters a medium and reveals that medium. The original God remains unattainable.

Does this mean that God has incarnated in a unique or particular body?

If the body in which God has incarnated is unique, then He would have specified that He is present only in such-and-such a body. But He has not mentioned that. He has said that He will come in a body. ‘Tanu’ means a body in general; not a unique or specific body.

What is the actual meaning of the electric shock mentioned in the example?

The electric shock here is the unimaginable nature of God. You experienced a miracle from Jesus. The miracle is unimaginable. Jesus asked Lazarus to come back to life and he became alive again. The dead body of Lazarus became alive. Is it not unimaginable? So what is it that you experienced? What is the shock that you received? The shock is nothing but the unimaginable nature of God. In fact, you were to see that incident and it can be treated as real shock also! The detection of the unimaginable nature does not mean that you have imagined the unimaginable nature. You have only detected the existence of unimaginable nature. Jesus give life to the dead body. It is unimaginable. What have you understood? That an unimaginable power exists in Jesus. That is what you have understood. The unimaginable nature has not become imaginable for you. You have only understood or detected the existence of some unimaginable nature in Jesus. That is the shock. The Gita says that God takes a body for the divine purpose of satisfying devotees.

* * *