Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


119. God is the complete Controller and different from jivaatman

पूर्णशासको भिन्नो न जीवात्मवत्।११९।
pūrṇaśāsako bhinno na jīvātmavat|119|

Unlike the jivaatman, God is totally different and the complete controller.


In the case of the jivaatman and the gross body, both are forms of the same inert energy. In the case of God and the human body, which consists of the jivaatman and the gross body together, God is totally different from the human body and the jivaatman. The human body and the jivaatman are parts of creation, where as God is the Creator. In the case of jivaatman, his control over the gross body is limited and it also depends on the will of God. But in the case of God, the control of God over the entire creation is complete.


What is meant by God’s complete control over creation?

For example the soul has partial control over his own legs. If the soul wants to move, the legs move. Suppose the leg is attacked by paralysis. Even if the soul wishes, it cannot move. So, it is only a partial control; not complete control. But in the case of the Lord it is not like that. If God wants, the leg will always move. Even if the leg is attacked by paralysis, the leg will move. That is complete control.

* * *