Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


121. Awareness of space is Atman. Awareness of other objects is jiva

मूलाकाशध्येय आत्मा तदन्यध्येयो जीवः।१२१।
mūlākāśadhyeya ātmā tadanyadhyeyo jīvaḥ|121|

Atman is the awareness of the primordial energy or space. Awareness of other objects is jiva.


Atman is called as general awareness. In such a case, the object of awareness is nothing and it is blank vacuum or space. But space is also subtlemost inert energy since science says that space bends around the boundary of any item. Hence, in general awareness, the object is space or primordial energy, which is called as Mula Maya. There is nothing like nothing. Nothing means space itself. Thus, we can say that Atman is aware of its basic essential form viz. Mula Maya. When awareness fixes objects other than space, the same awareness is called as jiva.


The primordial energy can be aware of its own self. Self-awareness means the awareness of the self or space or primordial energy. Space is also treated as energy. Therefore, the Atman or self is only primordial energy. Self-awareness means the awareness of space or awareness of the subtle energy.

* * *