Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


123. Atman (space) is the creator, maintainer and destroyer of the universe

सृष्टिस्थितिलयाः तत आत्मनि युज्यन्ते श्रुतेरपि।१२३।
sṛṣṭisthitilayāḥ tata ātmani yujyante śruterapi|123|

Therefore, Atman is the creator, maintainer and destroyer of the universe even as per the Veda.


Since Atman is space or the primordial energy, we can say that Atman creates, maintains and dissolves the world. It is clearly understood that the entire universe is created, maintained and dissolved by primordial energy. Even the Veda says that the entire world is generated from space (Aakaashaat vaayuh…). Since space is primordial energy and the primordial energy is the self, we can replace the space by the word self or Atman.


The self is the basic inert energy. That inert energy is the primordial energy or space. In the Veda, the process of creation is described as follows: God created space. From space came air. From air came fire. From fire came water. From water came earth. From earth came plants. From plants came animals.

So space is the starting point. Of course God created space. Leaving aside God, what is the starting point of creation? It is space. According to the special theory of relativity, space bends around the boundary of an object. It means that space is energy; it is proved by the special theory of relativity. Energy itself cannot create but it is the material for the creation. The consequent idea is explained in the next sutra, which rejects the Lordship of space. Energy is the creator in the sense that it is the material used for creation. Gold is the creator of ornaments. But it does not mean that gold itself can create the chain. The meaning of creator is only in a limited sense. Creator here means the material cause. Today science says that energy is the creator. It does not accept any separate creator. By the theory of probability, they explain everything without the need for any planning element or managerial element in the beginning.

 What is the meaning of maintenance and destruction?

All matter is ultimately energy. Hence, we can say that it is maintained by energy. If you remove all the energy present in matter, then where is the matter? Matter is only a form of energy. Hence, the form of matter is maintained by energy. When all the matter is destroyed it is converted into energy i.e. it is dissolved into energy. So matter can be destroyed by energy. Thus, energy is the creator, maintainer and destroyer of this universe as per science.

* * *