Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


126. Planning of creation must be by an unimaginable awareness

अनूह्यं मायया परब्रह्म घनाभावे।१२६।
anūhyaṁ māyayā parabrahma ghanābhāve|126|

If the solid state is absent, the existence of awareness must be proved in an unimaginable way and this unimaginable component is God.


If you say that awareness existed in the beginning of creation even without nervous system, logically it is impossible. Then you have to say that awareness must have existed in unimaginable way. This means that you have accepted the existence of unimaginable component in the beginning of creation, through which only, the possibility of existence of awareness without nervous system can be justified. Either you have to justify through logic or through unimaginable way. The path of logic is closed due to absence of solid state of matter in the beginning of creation. The only way left over is the unimaginable path, for which the unimaginable component is to be accepted. This unimaginable component is called as God by us and is denoted by the word Atma in Veda (Atmana aakaashah…).


Suppose you take original God, the original God can be indicated by the word Atman, in metaphor. By the use of the word ’ lion’, lion is not the actual lion staying in the world. But an important person is called lion. He is not an animal lion. Just like the animal lion is dignified and important in the world, this person is important and dignified in the society. Thus by metaphor we call him by lion. Just like the soul is important in whole this body; God is important in this entire world. So, God can be called as Atman. Just like a human being is called as a lion. In that sense it is the original God.

Suppose we take the mediated God, God comes in the human form. When the original God is present in the human body, the original God is the same original God from whom the entire creation came. So, why I am taking the original God present in the human form, because the human form or medium helps me to give the address of original God. We cannot show and cannot give the address of God without medium. I can refer the original God present in the human form also as original God. Either original God without medium; in that case metaphor sense; like lion; or God in the human form. Same original God is in the medium for indicating the address. There is no difference between the two. So the word Atma and Atman both are one and the same.

* * *