Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


139. God does not live in this world but enters it

न वसत्यपि प्रविशति कतिपयावसरात् सर्वबोधाय च।१३९।
na vasatyapi praviśati katipayāvasarāt sarvabodhāya ca|139|

God does not live in this world but enters the world for the requirement of a few devotees, being omnipotent, but His preaching benefits all.


God is beyond creation and hence God does not exist in the world as supported by Veda (Neti Neti..), Gita (Natvaham teshu…) and Christian scripture which says that God does not live in this world. This only means that everything and every body in the world is not God. But this does not mean that God will enter the world. Veda says that God enters the world (Tadevaanupraavishat). If you say that somebody is not residing in the city of Bombay, it does not mean that he will never visit Bombay. However, the above scriptural statements deny your all pervading God! The visit of God into this world is justified by the requirement and desire of certain top devotees. If you object the entry of God by rule, you are opposing the omni potency of God. Suppose you object the entry of God by establishing the lack of requirement for any devotee, it is also absurd. You may not require the entry of God but how can you deny the requirement of others, who need entry of the God for the sake of personal service? The entry of God is not for the sake of all human beings but it is for the requirement of a few devotees. You cannot generalize the policy of requirement to all the human beings. However, even though God comes to satisfy a few devotees only, He preaches the spiritual knowledge that benefits all. You can be also benefited by taking Him in the level of preacher only through personal discussions.

* * *