Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


141. Brahma Jnanam is the detection of Unimaginable God in an imaginable medium

अनूह्यमूह्येन ब्रह्मज्ञानं सर्वानूह्ये नास्तीति।१४१।
anūhyamūhyena brahmajñānaṁ sarvānūhye nāstīti|141|

The knowledge of God is to detect the unimaginable God through the imaginable medium. If both God and the medium are unimaginable, then it means that both are non-existent.


If the medium is also unimaginable like the God entering it, then, you can never detect God. This results in the total non-existence of God. The medium must be imaginable, which is the basis for projecting the unimaginable nature unlike the other imaginable media, which project only the imaginable nature. The alive wire gives shock indicating the existence of electricity in it. Similarly, the imaginable medium containing God projects the unimaginable nature of God indicating the existence of unimaginable God. If the wire is also unseen like the unseen electricity, then, there is no basis for detecting the existence of unseen electricity. This means that there is no wire and no electricity. Similarly, if the medium is also unimaginable, there is no basis for the existence of unimaginable God to be indicated through imaginable medium. Therefore, for the projection of the existence of unimaginable God, the existence of imaginable medium is essential and this is the reason for creating this imaginable world through which only the unimaginable God can be detected. Such detection of unimaginable God in a specific imaginable medium is called as the knowledge of God or Brahmajnaanam.

* * *