Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


151. Shankara was actually discussing the Human Incarnation

शाङ्करे विशिष्ट एव भेदात् विद्युद्वल्लीव।१५१।
śāṅkare viśiṣṭa eva bhedāt vidyudvallīva|151|

According to the angle of Shankara a specific soul, which is different from other souls is considered to be like an electrified wire.


Shankara was always speaking about the human being charged by God called as Human Incarnation like Himself, Krishna etc. Only in Human Incarnation, the discussion about the soul being God comes into picture. Such discussion of a specific soul is called as shaarirakamimaamsaa. There is no need of any discussion about any ordinary human being because, after all, he is a human being only. There is no need of any discussion about God because God is God. There is no need of discussion about current and wire independently because current is current and wire is wire. The discussion is only about the electric wire. The discussion is about the point that whether the electric wire can be treated as electricity or wire. This dilemma comes because the current is invisible and only the wire is visible. Similarly, God in Human Incarnation is unimaginable and only the human being is visible and imaginable. Shankara preferred to treat the Human Incarnation as God only and not as human being because such Human Incarnation defers from all the other human beings due to expression of unimaginable nature. Even though the unimaginable God is not directly projected, He is indirectly projected through the exhibited unimaginable nature, which is experienced.

* * *