Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


153. Shankara: preacher and scholar

शङ्करो विद्वान् गुरुश्च पृथक् उभयोः।१५३।
śaṅkaro vidvān guruśca pṛthak ubhayoḥ|153|

Shankara became a scholar for theists and became a preacher for atheists separately in the case of clarifying the misunderstanding.


Shankara clarified the misunderstanding to the minority of theists but kept silent and allowed the misunderstanding to continue in the case of majority of atheists. If He clarifies to atheists also, instead of climbing one more step, they will descend from the climbed step! Effort for promotion will result in demotion! However, the minority of theists were clarified so that they were promoted to the higher step. The clarification should not be given to both in uniform way. That is the talented treatment of the preacher to his disciples. If he is a mere scholar, he will clarify the truth by removing the misunderstanding and will not bother about promotion or demotion of the disciples. Shankara was a scholar as well as a preacher.

* * *