Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


165. Identification needs knowledge; devotion is non-different

भक्तिर्मनसा गुणानां धिया तत्त्वस्य ज्ञानमेकं परमभिज्ञाने।१६५।
bhaktirmanasā guṇānāṁ dhiyā tattvasya jñānamekaṁ paramabhijñāne|165|

Both knowledge and devotion are the same worship of the qualities and nature of God through the mind and intelligence respectively. But the knowledge of God is helpful in finding out the correct address of God in the medium.


Shankara stated in His commentary that devotion is the knowledge of God. He did not differentiate knowledge and devotion of God. Knowledge is thinking the nature of God through discussions involving intelligence. Devotion is thinking the qualities of God through mind. Both are different forms of the same worship and hence the difference disappears. On knowing the details of God (Knowledge), the interest on God (devotion) develops simultaneously and hence knowledge and devotion are inseparable forms of the same worship of God. Devotion and knowledge do not have any difference, once God is correctly detected. For detection of God only knowledge helps and not the devotion.

* * *