Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


179. Four parts of Bhu Loka with increasing energetic content

भूश्चतुर्था क्रमतेजोवृद्धिः।१७९।
bhūścaturthā kramatejovṛddhiḥ|179|

The Bhu Loka is subdivided into four sub-worlds and as we go up, the component of energy in the body increases gradually.


The Bhu Loka is the starting world, which is subdivided into Martya Loka, Preta Loka, Naraka Loka and Pitru Loka. The lowest Martya Loka is the region in which the human beings live with materialized human bodies. As we go up, the matter gets transformed into energy. In Pitru Loka, the body has a lot of energetic-phase and very little matter-phase. After pitru loka, the next bhuvar loka starts in which all the bodies are of complete energy. The respiratory and digestive systems in the body, become weaker and weaker as we go to Pitru Loka. The souls in Pitru Loka, take almost moonlight as their main food in which the concept of matter becomes almost negligible. The souls in the Pitru Loka or moon are almost having energetic bodies.

* * *