Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


202. Awareness is unreal even in the relative plane; inert energy is unreal only in the absolute plane

चित् मिथ्या व्यवहारेऽपि जडशक्तिस्तु परमार्थे।२०२।
cit mithyā vyavahāre'pi jaḍaśaktistu paramārthe|202|

Awareness is relatively true even in the present relative plane of existence of the world. The inert energy becomes relatively true only in the absolute plane, when the entire world is dissolved into inert energy, called as primordial energy.


Of course, if you analyze the inert energy, it is also a work in the absolute plane. The nervous system being matter is also a form of inert energy and thus it is also inert energy. When the entire creation is converted into inert energy in the final dissolution, such final state of inert energy in the absence of any modification of it is called as primordial energy. This primordial energy is also work only and the working element or worker of this primordial energy in the absolute plane is God. But we are discussing the awareness in the present existing stage of creation i.e., the relative plane. The awareness is realized as work even in the present relative plane. In the present relative plane, the primordial energy maintains its status as an entity or an absolute item. You should not bring the concept of the absolute plane to the present relative plane and conclude that since inert energy is also a relative item in the absolute plane, it is equal to the awareness, which is a relative item in the present relative plane. The difference between the inert energy and awareness is that the former is relative in the absolute plane and the awareness is relative even in the present relative plane. This is the basic confusion of Advaitins, who say that the entire creation including primordial energy, is relative (mithya) in the present relative plane itself.

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