Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


207. Happiness by conservation of inert energy and happiness from God

गीतक्रियाव्ययनिग्रहात् सैवात्मा न भिन्नस्स इव।२०७।
gītakriyāvyayanigrahāt saivātmā na bhinnassa iva|207|

In the Gita, control over unnecessary expenditure of inert energy is stressed to attain happiness from the self and this proves that the self is basically inert energy. In the case of Nivritti, such control is not needed since God, the source of happiness, is different from inert energy.


Since the self is limited inert energy only due to the limited human body, its expenditure is to be balanced to enjoy the freshness that can be obtained from the control of self or Atma Yoga. Since awareness is work and since inert energy is a form of work, the expenditure of awareness is the expenditure of inert energy itself. If this expenditure is not controlled, the freshness of the stored inert energy, which is the basic form of awareness or self cannot be obtained.

Hence, the Gita says that the expenditure of inert energy through activities during the states of waking and dream must be controlled to enjoy the stored inert energy (Yuktacheshtasya karmasu, Yuktassvapnaavabodhasya, Yogobhavati…). The Gita also says here that the food, which is the source of inert energy, should also be controlled because of the limitations of the efficiency of the digestive system.

Otherwise, food being the source of inert energy, could have been recommended for eating without control (Yuktaahaara…). The word Yoga in Pravritti without referring to God means only the control of the extra expenditure of inert energy to enjoy its freshness due to its storage. The word yoga in Nivrutti means the attainment of God in human form like Vasudeva and the happiness attained from Yoga in Nivrutti has no relevance to such expenditure. In fact, in Nivrutti, a lot of expenditure of inert energy is to be done in divine service. Such expenditure has no relevance for happiness since the happiness is derived from God here. But in Pravrutti, the happiness is due to the freshness of stored inert energy only by controlling its unnecessary expenditure. If the self (inert energy which is the basic form of awareness) is a special entity like God, the unnecessary expenditure need not be mentioned in the Yoga of Pravrutti.

* * *