Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


221. God is not awareness just because He wished to create

सर्वद्रव्यगुणक्रियास्रष्टा संयोजकः न चिदेव।२२१।
sarvadravyaguṇakriyāsraṣṭā saṁyojakaḥ na cideva|221|

God being the Creator of all entities, all properties and all works and also being the Designer of their specific associations, cannot be concluded to be mere awareness due to the work form of wish.


Simply based on the wish to create the world, you should not decide that God is awareness. God can do everything, whereas the awareness cannot do everything. God can wish anything and also can burn anything simultaneously. Awareness can only think anything but cannot burn anything. If you say that God is awareness, since God wished, you have to say that God is fire since He burns anything. God is the source of all items, all qualities and all works in the creation. By the order of God only a specific item is associated with a specific quality and corresponding specific work. The fire is an entity. Its quality is heat. Its work is to burn anything. The fire is associated with the property of heat and the work of burning only by the will of the Lord. If God wishes, the fire is no more hot and cannot burn anything. If God wishes, the water gets the property of heat and starts burning everything. You can identify the entity through the specific property or specific work based on the already sanction of God. Since God is the creator of all entities, all properties and all works, God can attain any quality and can do any work. In such a case, you have to conclude that God is every item in this creation. The Brahma Sutra (Ikshateh…) means that God enters the item qualified by awareness. It means that God does not enter into a non-living being. The awareness is the broad step of the address of God existing in the specific medium. This is the basic point where Advaitins slipped and their basic confusion continued throughout their philosophy.

* * *