Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


50. The soul having special knowledge is called Brahman

क्रमवृद्धौ प्रज्ञानमप्यात्मा गीतः तदग्राह्यम्।५०।
kramavṛddhau prajñānamapyātmā gītaḥ tadagrāhyam|50|

The soul is the knower and the capacity of knowledge gradually develops and reaches the climax, where the soul is charged by God. Even such a charged soul is only an ordinary soul, upon analysis. God, the Charger, cannot be grasped.


The fourth great statement says that the soul having special knowledge is Brahman [1]. Here the soul charged by God alone can give the special knowledge. Such a soul can be called as God since God can be indicated only through such a medium. Hence, the word Brahman here can mean God. At the same time, this word can also stand for the soul because the soul is also called as Brahman. Since God is beyond imagination and is not grasped even in such a charged soul, only the ordinary soul is grasped. This means that even the soul charged by God is also ordinary if you analyze it. In the Gita, Krishna, charged by God, said that even He is the ordinary soul that exists in any human being (Ahamaatmaa…). This means that even though the soul of Krishna is special and different from other souls due to the presence of God in it, if you analyze, even such a special soul looks like an ordinary soul because the unimaginable God existing in such a charged soul is not grasped.


Does the capacity of knowledge gradually develop and reach a climax in a Human Incarnation?

Among living beings, there are birds, animals and human beings. Human beings have higher levels of knowledge compared to the others. Within human beings we see that knowledge increases from an ordinary school boy to an intelligent boy to an adult. Then we have great scientists and scholars, having very high knowledge. But a person charged with God gets the highest knowledge. His knowledge is the highest. The human being charged by God is the highest. The knowledge gradually increases in that order and the climax is the human being charged by God.

[1] “(The Possessor of) Special knowledge is Brahman (Prajnanam Brahma)”.

* * *