Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


56. Soul is only a created item

गीतः पराप्रकृतिः प्रकृतेः श्रेष्ठैव।५६।
gītaḥ parāprakṛtiḥ prakṛteḥ śreṣṭhaiva|56|

In the Gita, the soul is said to be Para Prakriti, which means the best part of creation. Here para means ‘best’ and not ‘different’, because both para and apara are said to be prakriti or creation.


The soul or jiva is said to be only a part of creation in the Gita. The inert part of creation is called as apara and the living part is called as para. Since, both are parts of creation alone, no part is God or the Creator. Moreover, we have said above that both para and apara are interconvertible. Inert energy is a form of inert matter. Awareness is a special work of the inert energy. Therefore, the interconversion of energy into matter and energy into work are scientific concepts. Hence, you cannot say that para means different from apara. The difference is only superficial. Basically, both are one and the same and hence para can be said to be the best form of apara and hence both constitute the same item of creation.

* * *