Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


6. God is known to God

आत्मज्ञेयं महिमेवास्ति।६।
ātmajñeyaṁ mahimevāsti|6|

God is known to God and hence, the prerequisite condition is fulfilled. For human beings, the unimaginable God can exist like the unimaginable miracle.


You may insist that mentioning the existence of anything must satisfy the prior condition of its knowledge. Even this rule is not violated since God has the knowledge of Himself. The Veda says that the knower of God is God Himself (Brahmavit Brahmaiva…). Hence, even though God is unknown to human beings, He is known to Himself.  Then, you may say that God exists only for God since the prior condition is limited only to God. This is not correct because you also agree with the existence of an unimaginable miracle in the world. When the miracle is demonstrated, it is unimaginable but its existence in the world is accepted. Hence, an unimaginable item like a miracle exists even for human beings.


Why does God keep Himself in an unimaginable state?

God has been coming to earth in human form from the very beginning. He has been preaching to atheists. He has also been showing miracles. Then why does God maintain Himself in an unimaginable state? If you know everything about God, after sometime your value for God will decrease. If a topic is not understood by you, you will have some difficulty regarding that topic. But if it is completely understood, then you will have a light view of it. Therefore, God maintains His unimaginable state, to save human beings from getting egotistic. For this divine purpose alone does He keep Himself in an unimaginable state.

The statement “God knows Himself (Brahmavid Brahmaiva…—Veda)”, does not refer to human beings. It does not mean ”Every soul (human being) becomes God upon knowing God, since each one is already God”. What is actually meant by the Vedic statement is “Who is the knower of God? God alone! Nobody else can know Him”. The meaning of the scripture is: nobody other than God can know Him. When He comes in human form and performs miracles, nobody can understand those miracles. But the miracle is under His control. So God exists, but we do not know His existence, that is all.

* * *