Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


73. Creation is a work without object

सृष्टिरकर्मक क्रियैव शिवनृत्यम्।७३।
sṛṣṭirakarmaka kriyaiva śivanṛtyam|73|

The creation is a work without an object and hence is called as the dance of Lord Shiva (God).


There are two types of work [1]. One is objectless work (akarmaka kriyaa) and the other is work with an object (sakarmaka kriyaa). “Rama killed Ravana”. In this statement the verb has an object. The verb is the work of killing and the object is Ravana. In the statement “Rama walks”, the verb is the work of walking, which has no object. Now in the absolute plane, even the primordial energy, which is the ultimate cause of this creation, is proved to be a form of work alone. Hence, the entire creation, which is only different modified forms of the primordial energy, becomes work alone. Now, this work of creation has no object because the entire creation consisting of all objects has become work. There is no object or entity leftover, which is not work. But remember, this state is the absolute plane and not the relative plane in which we are experiencing certain forms of work as objects and certain other forms of work as work. Therefore, in the absolute plane, no object is leftover and hence the entire creation becomes a work without an object. When we say that somebody is dancing, the work of dancing is also without an object. Therefore, this entire creation is stated to be the dance of God (Lord Shiva).


Here, I have used the analogy of dance. This entire creation finally ends in primordial energy. Energy is only work or force. A worker is needed. There is nothing like dance other than the dancer (worker). Dance exists, but dance is not an entity. It is only relatively true. To explain the concept of relative truth, I have introduced the concept of dance. Also, by dance, He can get entertainment. The world is His imagination alone. The dance is only His imagination. It is not like something material. Other than the dancer, nothing exists. The dance is the relative truth and the dancer is the absolute truth. Since the entertainment is not complete[2], He enters the world. He enters the human body and through the human being, He gets the experience. Without entering the dance, the experience [entertainment] is not complete.

Here mainly energy is work or force. It requires a worker or the forcing element. Except that it does not exits. It fits to dancer and dancing. Suppose you are dancing such a way that you are building a house. Is there any house? No. It is only imagination. By dancing you are creating some house is building. There is no house. It suits to the science concept also. Finally, everything is energy. Energy is force or work. Except God nothing is there. The world is relatively true. God is the Absolute Truth. But we cannot experience that. We are part of the world. We are not the dancer; we are part of the dance. This concept completely relates to God alone. For the sake of our imagination [and understanding the concept], dance is the best simile.

[1] The same concept as transitive and intransitive verbs. The verbs denote an action or work.

* * *