Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


8. God is known as the Unknown

अमतं मतमिति श्रूयते गीयते च।८।
amataṁ matamiti śrūyate gīyate ca|8|

God is known as the 'Unknown'. This is said in the Veda and also in the Gita.


The Veda says that angels and sages have come to know only one point about God after long hectic discussions. That single point is that God is unknown (Yasyaamatam tasyamatam…). Even the Gita says that nobody knows anything about God (Mamtu veda nakashchana…). Therefore, the unimaginable nature of God is clearly established by the sacred scriptures.


By the statement ‘God is unknown’, are we defining Him as ‘The Unknown’?

When we use the word unknown or unknowable, the word does not give any knowledge about God. Suppose you do not know a topic in mathematics and say that the topic is unknown to you. Does it mean that because you used the word unknown, that you know the topic? The very meaning of ‘unknown’ or ‘unknowable’ is that you do not know it.

* * *