Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


85. None can cross the illusion of primordial energy

मूलभ्रमाकाशान्नातीताः पण्डिता अपि।८५।
mūlabhramākāśānnātītāḥ paṇḍitā api|85|

Even the scholars can never cross the fundamental illusion created in the case of primordial energy, which is space.


Even the scholars and scientists cannot cross the original illusion created in space or Mula Maya. Nobody can cross the spatial dimensions and imagine anything beyond the space. Space or primordial energy is realized as work but its worker existing separately other than space (or beyond the space) cannot be imagined by any scientist or scholar. The worker of primordial energy (work), God, can never even be realized and experiencing Him is absolutely impossible. A scientist or scholar can cross Maya and Maha Maya through the realization of the worker, though crossing Maya and Maha Maya cannot be experienced. You can cross Maya and Maha Maya in realization at least, though not in experience. But you can neither cross Mula Maya in realization nor in experience because the worker of Mula Maya (God) can never be realized. When something is not even realized, there is no question of experiencing that. Experience comes subsequent to realization.


Realization is different from the experience. Realizing Maya means realizing that the shape of the pot is unreal, and that mud alone is real. Though you have realized this, you still continue to experience the existence of the pot. Similarly, matter is an illusion. It is energy in reality. When you place your finger on matter, the finger does not pierce through due to the resistance force developed due to the revolving of the sub-atomic particles. This is the scientific view. Yet we continue to experience matter. Though you have realized the unreality of matter, you still experience matter.

Then what about crossing Maya? The shape of the pot is unreal. It is Maya. The mud is matter. Matter is energy. Matter and energy are Maha Maya. Both matter and energy are dissolved into primordial energy, Mula Maya. Now, you cannot cross this Mula Maya (space, or the primodial energy).

Crossing Maya and Mula Maya

The shape of the pot is Maya (illusion). The mud is real (relatively). Matter itself is an illusion of primordial energy. So the matter is Maha Maya. The shape of matter is Maya. When you realize the shape of the pot as unreal, you have crossed Maya. When you realize that the matter is also an illusion of energy (the resisting force of primordial energy); it also becomes unreal. But you cannot cross the Mula Maya that is space.

Scientists who have seen the movement of sub-atomic particles have crossed the Maha Maya in realization, but not in experience. There is a difference between realization and experience. Realization is theoretical knowledge, while experience is practical knowledge. The scientist has not experienced the unreality of matter. He can say that a wall is mostly empty space, but he cannot pass through the wall. Jesus can pass through the wall, since God can even cross the primordial energy. Though I have realized that the wall is mostly empty space, I cannot pass through the wall, because the resisting force of the atomic particles, resists me.

Let us say that I have mistaken a rope to be a snake and am scared of it. Somebody tells me that the rope is not a snake, so, I realize that the rope is not a snake. But I am still afraid of going near the rope, because I have not experienced the rope in practice.

Another example: I have realized that the beauty of a girl is unreal. Still when I see a beautiful girl, I get attracted. The practical knowledge is different from theoretical knowledge. I know that the beauty is only an unreality, and it is only matter and energy. The colour of the girl is only Maya. The shape of the girl is only matter. Energy with a certain frequency gives the colour. I have realized that the girl is an illusion of matter and energy, but still I am attracted to her. Qualities (feelings) are also Maya. Her love is also Maya alone. But I have not experienced the unreality of Maya. The colour of the girl is Maya alone. The shape of the girl is matter alone. The love of the girl is Maya alone. But I have not experienced the unreality of Maya. Theoretical knowledge is different from practical knowledge. That is why when I see a beautiful girl, I still foolishly get attracted to her, entrapped by her beauty. I fall in the trap of her beauty and love, which are Maya.

What is real in this world?

God is the only Ultimate Reality. I have realized the existence God, but I have not experienced God. If you see the Human Incarnation, He can pass through the wall, because He has not only realized God but also experienced God. The practical knowledge is there. On the other hand, we only know that the wall is unreal. It is only theoretical knowledge. If we experience God and have practical knowledge of God, then we can also pass through the wall. For us too, the world will become unreal and we will not be trapped by the beauty of the girl. That is the difference.

Even though a very beautiful lady was applying perfume on the feet of Jesus, Jesus was not trapped by her beauty. If some ordinary human being were in the place of Jesus, he would have been trapped by her beauty. If a disciple were in the place of Jesus, he would be trapped. What is the difference between Jesus and an ordinary human being? Jesus had the practical knowledge of God; a disciple only has theoretical knowledge of God. That is the difference. When you attain the practical knowledge of God, then you will become God.

How can we get that experience of God?

That is possible only by the grace of God. Your effort alone, without the grace of God, cannot succeed. As an example, let us see this verse “Raja mahashivat”. You can say that the king can slap the queen. But that is only theoretical knowledge. You are keeping yourself in the place of the king and saying that the king can slap the queen. Can you really slap the queen? You have not become the king. You are imagining yourself in the position of the king and you are saying that the king can slap the queen. But you cannot slap the queen. That is the difference between the theoretical and practical knowledge. You have realized the view of the king. But you have not experienced the kingship. You are not the actual king.

Thus, knowing that the world is unreal, does not make it unreal to you practically. You have only realized it. Crossing Maya and Maha Maya practically, is is very difficult by human effort, unless the grace of God comes. It is possible by the grace of God. Only by the grace of God can the world become unreal.

How can the grace of God be achieved?

The grace of God can be achieved by devotion—through theoretical and practical love. All this is known by the knowledge. Thus, knowledge is the first step. Theoretical love is the second step. Practical love, is the service to God, through the sacrifice of work and through the sacrifice of the fruit of your work. Practical knowledge comes only through practical love. Jesus did penace on the hill. Then he came in to the world and He sacrificed practically for the service of the God. He worked for mission of God, day and night. He sacrificed His life for the sake of God. So, through practical sacrifice, he became God. Knowledge leads to determination. Determination can lead you to practice. Only by practice, can one achieve practical knowledge. Knowledge, devotion and service, are the three steps.

* * *