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121) What is the basis for caste system in India?

122) How to meet Shri Datta Swami?

123) Why kama (sex) could not be controlled by any soul on the earth?

124) Who need the Lord more sinners or saints?

125) How can I serve Swami?

126) Why do innocent people suffer?

127) The miracles are fine to hear but one should have his own vision to get grip.

128) Please show me Your favor and bestow Your mercy upon this helpless soul.

129) I got a dream in which Shri Satya Sai Baba appeared stating that He and Shri Datta Swami (Swami) are one and the same. Please explain.

130) Why Gopikas were not worshipped in temples as Hanuman was worshipped?

131) How to establish validity of scriptures?

132) Can you please comment on Work and Worship?

133) What is the difference between work and fruit of work?

134) What are the primary programs of God and Nature towards humanity?

135) How do you justify that God is sat-chit-ananda?

136) What is the difference between the knowledge of the unimaginable God and the knowledge of the human being possessed by Him in the human incarnation?

137) Why is it said that the Mahimnah Stotram is the best prayer?

138) Does Your preaching not contradict the Bible, which says that salvation is not obtained by works but by the grace of God ?

139) Why should we accept Krishna, when His character is only a myth from the Puranas, while Jesus is a historical personality?

140) Why does God speak to only one person and expect him to propagate the message to others? Why does He not speak to all?


Filters for Q & A