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141) How can You say that extra money earned by a person should be returned to God since it is God's property?

142) Why do you focus so much on removing corruption?

143) Is sin relative or absolute?

144) What is the value of God?

145) What is divine knowledge?

146) Why does God wish us to love Him alone?

147) Does Your preaching not contradict the Bible, which says that salvation is not obtained by works but by the grace of God ?

148) Why should we accept Krishna, when His character is only a myth from the Puranas, while Jesus is a historical personality?

149) Why does God speak to only one person and expect him to propagate the message to others? Why does He not speak to all?

150) What is the problem if I believe that God is present in every human being and that he alone who serves all, is worshiping God?

151) If God is unimaginable even to the 'Son of God' how can the Son of God be aware of God present in Him?

152) How do you defend a belief in something that is unimaginable?

153) Being so spiritual, why do You entertain astrology in the case of Your devotees?

154) Why did Arjuna, who was so close to God, get a degraded life in his next birth?

155) Did Jesus leave His body and reach God after crucifixion or did He rise on third day with the same body?

156) What would You say to atheists who ask for a direct miracle as a proof for existence of God?

157) How to realize the unreality of the worldly bonds in practice?

158) Are you holding Divine love for all?

159) Can you push your devotees inside Samadhi without sadhana from their end?

160) What is your view regarding miracles?


Filters for Q & A