Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 Jun 2016


Does a Hindu God also exist in the shape of a pig?

Does a Hindu God also exist in the shape of a pig? I have seen a picture which has so many faces of gods in my friend's house. I asked him what is this god with a pig face and he replied "I don't know all our god's, the concept is idiotic to me". Could a Hindu explain this?

Swami replied: The pig eats the excretion of human beings. Its excretion is used as the best manure in the fields from which the grains come as our food! What is the difference between human being and pig? Moreover, when a person is fasting due to non-availability of food occasionally on a day, the last remains of the excretion of human being get digested by the end part of the digestive system to supply energy to working systems in the body on the basis of emergency. A poet called Vemana wrote a verse, which states that a fasting person eats his/her own excretion on that day. One eats curd with lot of liking. The curd is formed when the milk drunk by some bacteria is excreted! We should not hate any soul in this creation. There is nothing to hate if you understand the chemistry of creation. Entire creation is made of the fundamental atoms only and all the matter is only a different form of uniform energy. There is no need of love and hatred on various quantities of inert matter and energy. Even a soul is a specific quantity of the same specific work form of inert energy functioning in a specific nervous system. Hence, the worldly bonds should not differ within each other.