Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 12 Aug 2014


I fail in exams. This is my last attempt so I wan to pass it by any means.Can you help me regarding??

[Shri Abhijit Nair asked: I read your articles on speaking tree. Many of them were very hard to contemplate, but somewhere very logical to my mind. Deep inside i love every one even the animals and birds, but i m not able to control my anger especially against my parents, i love them and i m truly grateful to them, however i don't express that. even know when i m typing these, tears flow out from my eyes. one thing which can bring immense joy to them is when i pass my professional exam ( CA) which i m writing now for 7th time. i analyzed the causes and what i found is get distracted easily, i m unable to concentrate. that has resulted into procrastination, eventually i fail in exams. this is my last attempt so i wan to pass it by any means. Often i get depressed, also feeling of jealousy creeps in my mind when i hear good news about my peers..even my parents sometimes go against me, at times i feel like ending my life. today i felt like that, thats y i visited speaking tree and happened to read some of your posts and articels, was lead here. Can you help me regarding?? By abhijit nair]

Swami Replied: Your good time starts from November 2014. Don't attempt suicide, which is the greatest sin. God has given you this human life which is very precious. The main aim of the life is to realize God and make efforts to get His grace. Your parents, your job and your efforts for such a job are secondary only. If God's grace is there, you can reach a higher level than what you can reach by this examination. If you are committing suicide by failing in the examination, you are equal to a fool committing suicide for not getting the ticket for a cinema on the first day of its release. The cinema is secondary and your family life is primary. Similarly, your worldly life, which includes the examination, is secondary and achievement of God's grace is primary. The precious lamp of your life should not be put off for the sake of this secondary worldly life. Job is only one part of the life. You should not harm other parts if that one part is damaged. You can get some other job also and you may earn even more money in that job instead of C.A. by the grace of God. Good and bad alternate in the life and even in good, bad is seen and even in bad, good is seen. The alternating cycle in its subtle form is rotating in every minute. This can be understood in astrology. A period of certain number of years is divided in to sub-periods. The total period may be bad. But, the sub-periods of the nine planets will give you good and bad alternatively. Again, the sub-period is divided in to subtle periods of nine planets. Such division goes on continuously so that you are enjoying mixture of good and bad in every minute of your life.