Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 12 Aug 2014


I have been chanting Datta mantra and Datta bhajans in the recent past very vigorously and need some advice for the direction in life.

[Reply to Siva namburi] There is nothing like a specific mantra of God. Any line as prose or poem or song that attracts your mind is called as mantra. You need not chant a specific line as mantra even if it is not attracting your mind. Such forcible chanting is useless. The attraction towards that line should be natural and such attraction should be the force to make you chant that mantra. Similarly, bhajans, which are songs on God. There also, the natural attraction is essential. The lack of natural attraction is non-devotion. What is the force acting in you that makes you chant the mantra or sing bhajans even though the natural attraction is absent? That force is the link between God and worldly benefits. You think that God will favour you by such forced efforts. First, you should cut the link between God and worldly benefits. Such devotion is not real and pure. It is like the business of exchange between the prayers and worldly benefits. It is also like the love of a prostitute to extract the concrete money from a person by expressing sweet words. God hates such impure devotion. There is no practical sacrifice to God, which is the practical devotion standing as a proof for your real devotion. All your devotion is only theoretical and you cannot practically expect any fruit.