Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 31 Jan 2015


What is inner consciousness?

In one old discourse, Swami mentioned inner consciousness which will determine to catch a right satguru. Mere consciousness will not help in catching a true satguru. What is this inner consciousness? How to attain it or how we will know we have it? - Kishore Ram

[For example if we take our Swami, I believe Him because of the way He explains discourse which no one else can at least in the present generation. But I don’t know what inner consciousness in me told me about Swami?]

Inner consciousness means the immediate conclusion you draw at the end of the entire message given by Satguru. You should not allow any gap between the end of the discourse and the conclusion. If you allow any gap in that place, negative forces will enter and hinder you to take such right conclusion. It should be spontaneous based on the continuous impression you developed on hearing or reading the analysis of Satguru on a topic. Such conclusion will be true since you have not given any gap for the forces of ignorance to enter and disturb your conclusion. Even after taking the conclusion, these negative forces of materialistic world and selfishness enter and spoil this right conclusion. Even if this right conclusion is disturbed, later on, you will stick to it since you have recorded already as the true conclusion of the inner consciousness. The highest faculty in the human being is the intellect that does sharp analysis. The conclusion derived by the intelligence, which is inner to mind that participates in the discussion getting doubts is called as the inner consciousness, which in fact is the inner most. There can be doubts related to the subject even after such conclusion due to the activity of mind that is involved in the issues of the world. When all the doubts are clarified by the Satguru, the intellect takes the final decision since the sharp analysis of the intelligence was fully helped by the Satguru. The characteristic of the intelligence is decision and the characteristic of the mind is discussion on the topic. Intelligence is superior to mind. Mind is the consciousness and intelligence is the inner consciousness. The intelligence is the driver of the vehicle, which is you. The perfect knowledge (Saamkhya Yoga) is also named as the final decision of the intelligence (Buddhi Yoga), which is the starting second chapter of the Gita.