Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 31 Jan 2015


Why we don't see the statue of Lord Shiva in Dalem temple?

Have Swami incarnated in Bali in the past? Why we don't see the statue of Lord Shiva in Dalem temple (for lord Shiva), Vishnu in Puseh temple (for lord Vishnu) and statue Brahma in Desa temple (for Lord Brahma). Could Swami explain this please? - Nyoman Guna Darsana

The society constantly changes in the external culture like dress, language, etc. In the olden times, the dress of a king with crown and jewels were treated as highest. Today, in India the Kurta of Modi is highest. Therefore, the incarnation follows the habits of the dress etc., suitable to that time. The unimaginable God existing in the human incarnation does not change by this changing culture of the world. You need not give any importance to the external culture of the medium in which the original unimaginable God exists. Everywhere this original unimaginable God is recognized and is indicated by the word Parabrahma in Hinduism, by the word Allah in Islam, by the word Jehovah in Christianity and by the silence (since unimaginable cannot be expressed by any word) of Buddha in Buddhism. When you are unable to identify the contemporary human incarnation existing in your generation due to your inability to conquer your ego and jealousy towards a co-human form, you come in the category of majority of the humanity for which only the statues representing energetic incarnations (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Father of Heaven etc.,) or past human incarnations (Krishna, Jesus, etc.,) are meant as the objects of ways of worship. Questions in this lower level of spiritual knowledge are immaterial like whether Sita is sitting on right lap or left lap of Rama in a statue in a temple. The answers to such questions do not have any significance in the real direction of the development in the true spiritual path.