Shri Datta Swami

1st World Parliament on Spirituality (2012)

1st World Parliament on Spirituality was held in Hyderabad during 17-21, Dec 2012. Shri Datta Swami delivered talks on Universal spirituality and the contemporary Human incarnation of God.

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Following are the discourses delivered by Shri Datta Swami during this Parliament.

Universal Spirituality For World Peace

[Hall-1 (Babaji Hall) 19/12/2012, Session 9, Global Peace Auditorium, Hyderabad] The Veda says that God is unimaginable-beyond words, mind, intelligence and even imagination (Yato vacho.., Manasaa saha..., Yobuddheh paratah..., Atarkyah...). If God is thought to be imaginable, then due to the multiplicity in imaginable items, people consider different imaginable items such as light, sun, space etc. to be God, since each person is fascinated by different imaginable items. This leads to different philosophies and religions, resulting in quarrels, disturbance of world peace and sometimes even terrorism. There cannot be two 'unimaginables' since you cannot differentiate one 'unimaginable' from the other. The unimaginable entity must be only ONE. Hence, the unimaginable God must be only ONE. Moreover, there can be oneness only in the case of the unimaginable. Once an item is imaginable, it can be differentiated from another imaginable item in this world and this results in multiplicity. Every religion says that their God alone created this earth and humanity on it. But unfortunately, there is only one earth and hence, there must be only one God, who is the Father of this entire humanity!

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The Contemporary Human Incarnation of God

[Hall-3 (Socrates Hall) 21/12/2012, Session 1, Global Peace Auditorium, Hyderabad] God comes to earth to direct the spiritual aspirants to the correct path. Direction is very important. Hence, we find that the position of 'Director' happens to be the topmost position in any institution. The basis of direction is information, i.e. knowledge, which is obtained as the conclusion of a perfect analysis. This perfect and impartial analysis is called as science. In order to preach this true knowledge, God comes in human form alone and not as a statue. If a statue starts speaking to you, you will be so excited that you will not be able to receive knowledge in your ground state and get your doubts clarified. If a human being charged by God speaks and clarifies your doubts, you will receive the knowledge in your normal, unexcited ground state. This is the tremendous merit of the medium of the living human form. At the same time, there is a tremendous defect also. That defect is that you always neglect the human incarnation. Your carelessness is due to your ego and jealousy towards other human beings.

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The Correct Way of Performing Yajna (Special Contributory Article)

Burning Food in Fire is Not Yajna

[November 27, 2012. A Vedic scholar, who presided over a meeting called as the Veda Vidvat Sabha, concluded that the reason for droughts and floods is that these days people do not perform sacrifices (yajnas), in which ghee (clarified butter) is poured into the sacrificial fire. Swami ridiculed this conclusion and gave the following message.]

Burning ghee in the fire leads to environmental pollution, which causes droughts and floods. These ignorant people are saying that the cause and the promoter of a disease itself is the remedial medicine! If you eat sweets, your blood sugar will rise and cause damage to your heart and kidneys. The patient is already in a serious condition due to a damaged heart and damaged kidneys. A foolish doctor says that in order to save the patient, he should be given more sweets to eat. Perhaps, the doctor is correct in the sense that the patient will die soon and thus he will get relief from the suffering of the disease! The climax of the joke is that this conclusion was drawn in the Veda Vidvat Sabha. Veda means knowledge. Vidvat means the scholar of the divine knowledge of the scripture. Here, 'knowledge' is stressed twice by the two words 'Veda' and 'Vidvat'. But the conclusion drawn shows the total ignorance of the Veda, since the fundamental concept is missing. An error in the foundation will pervade into all the floors of the building and the whole building will crumble.

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The Value of Applied Spirituality (Special Contributory Article)

Evil Effects of Modern Amenities: Modern people think that most of the government funds must be spent on the development and applications of technical education, which supports the basic needs of materialistic life. Obviously, the government also thinks on the same lines. These people criticize the ancient governments [of righteous kings], which have spent lots of funds on 'useless' spiritual education, which does not contribute anything to material life. Modern people think that spiritual knowledge is just theoretical tautology, which has no practical application to society, unlike other practical subjects such as science and technology. Such a conclusion is erroneous since the application of this theoretical spiritual knowledge is tremendously important for maintaining perfect order in society. Today, order in society is totally absent and society is in a state of terrible chaos.

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