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Miracles are supernatural events. The experiences are real and perceptible, but their cause—how they occurred—is beyond our imagination. No natural cause can satisfactorily explain such events. Science can only investigate causes that are within the reach of our mind. The cause of miracles, however, is unimaginable to us. So, we are forced to conclude that the cause of such events is unimaginable. It proves that a domain completely unimaginable to the human mind exists. This unimaginable domain itself is defined as God by the Veda (Yato vāco nivartante aprāpya manasā saha). Miracles are thus, the direct proof of the existence of an unimaginable power, which itself is God. In this sense, miracles are the very basis of spirituality.

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Miracles experienced by Ms. Laxmi Thrylokya

Posted on: 17/07/2022

[By Kum. Laxmi Thrylokya]

I'm Thrylokya. Since my childhood, I was interested in learning new things and my academic grades were always high. Being proactive, I gained people's attention and I thought that it was permanent. I was in 12th standard when I lost my cousin. Until then, my aim was only to earn a luxurious life. His death had left my mind with many unanswered questions about life. I understood 2 things for sure. 1) I had to leave all my worldly achievements here once I die. 2) Nobody is going to come with me when I die...

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Divine Experiences of Shri. Ajay

Posted on: 16/07/2022

[By Shri. Ajay]

Padanamaskaram Swamiji! Today I would like to take this opportunity to present one miracle which was performed by our contemporary human incarnation of Lord Datta Shri Datta Swami which proves that the contemporary human incarnation Himself is Lord Datta.  This also reiterates that the devotees should always and always treat the contemporary human incarnation as Lord Datta only and not as a co-human being.  This miracle was not mentioned in the Mahima Yamuna...

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Divine Experiences of Shri Anil Antony

Posted on: 10/07/2022

[By Shri Anil Antony]

Padanamaskaram Swami, Swami I would like to share some of the experiences I had in the recent week. Shall I proceed Swami?

Two weeks ago, by Swami's grace, I received a chance to visit France to attend a workshop as a part of an official assignment. Before proceeding I asked permission from Swami. He replied to me that I should proceed. I went to the airport...

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Postponing Spiritual Discussion for an Examination

Posted on: 09/07/2022

[By Dr. Nikhil. K]

July 9, 2022 was a Saturday and a working day for me. I had planned to take leave that day for some personal work. However, an online examination was scheduled at 11:00 am that day and I was supposed to set up, publish, and monitor the exam. It was not an issue since, being an online examination, I could easily publish and monitor it from home. I had already completed the settings for the examination the previous day. However, I had not published it. My plan was to publish...

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Divine Experiences of Smt. Archana Srivastava

Posted on: 03/07/2022

[By Smt. Archana Srivastava]

Padanamaskaram Swamiji! Accept my salutation at your lotus feet! I want to share one of the miracles that happened to me recently. From my birth, I am a high myopic. As I grew up things went worse and the number of my glass power went up to -21. Being a high myopic and as a result of molecular degeneration, a cataract developed in both of my eyes. Normally it is developed in old age. Being pathologically myopic, the condition of my retina is not good. It became very very thin. The doctor said he couldn’t do anything to improve my return...

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Divine Experiences of Shri G. Lakshman

Posted on: 26/06/2022

[By Shri G. Lakshman]

Namaskaram Swami, Namaskaram to all devotees. I would like to present one of the miracles that happened in 2007. It was exactly one and half years after the birth of my son. I, along with my wife and son went to meet Swami at Shri Ajay’s house in Vijayawada for the first time after birth of my son. Swami was sitting on a sofa. My son was sitting on the sofa adjacent to where Swami was sitting. It was around 9 am in the morning...

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Miraculous Experiences blessed by my Sadguru, Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 19/06/2022

[By Priyanka Seethepalli]

Due to Swami’s grace, my family and I could meet Swami for the first time in Vijayawada at Shri Balakrishnamurthy garu’s house. I believe it was in the year 1999, when I was just thirteen years old. I also met several great devotees like Shri Ajay garu, Shri Phani garu, Shri Sharma garu, etc. on the same day in their house. It was an unforgettable and extraordinary day, where for the first time I felt like my life suddenly found its clear Goal and purpose...

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Miracles experienced by Shri. Durgaprasad

Posted on: 18/06/2022

[By Shri Durgaprasad]

I am Durgaprasad. I would like to share few of my experiences today though there are several of such miracles. I am working as a scientist in a central government organisation since 1998. I have 2 very good devotees of Swami as my colleagues here - Shri Anil and Shri Surya. All of us regularly learn and discuss Swami’s knowledge.

Swami saved my job: In first 2 years of my job, I worked with one great mathematician as part of my job. In year 2006, that mathematician floated a supercomputing project funded by Ratan Tata. In year 2007, that mathematician offered me a job with a huge salary package, as he knows me very well. Myself and my family members...

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Divine Experiences of Smt. Chhanda Chandra

Posted on: 12/06/2022

[By Smt. Chhanda Chandra]

Padanamaskaram to Swami. Every day in my life I’m experiencing some or the other form of miracle. It is happening only due to your infinite kindness to all of us. Today I would like to share the beautiful process of coming to this stage of feeling your presence around me which I think is the most wonderful miracle of my life as too many miracles are comprised in it. This started with the very first miracle with my birth to such parents for whom bringing...

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My experiences with Swami - Shri Anil

Posted on: 05/06/2022

[By Shri Anil Antony] At the outset I would like to thank Swami a million times for accepting me as one among the followers. My case is exactly like an LKG student who got admission to the PG class from the back door when all other great devotees got the admission into the PG class on merit basis based on the entrance exam. I feel I am a dull student but due to continuous grace and pushing from Swami I could atleast sit in the back bench and listen the class...

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Divine Experiences of Shri Lakshman Ganapathy

Posted on: 29/05/2022

[By Shri. Lakshman Ganapathy]

Padanamaskaram to Swami. I would like to present some of the miraculous experiences given by Swami in this life time. It is very fortunate if any human soul meets a Human Incarnation during His life time. After meeting, staying with Him, reading His knowledge and serving Him is the most important aspect for any soul...

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Divine Experiences of Shri Phani Kumar

Posted on: 22/05/2022

[By Shri. Phani Kumar]

Shri Phani Spoke: Swami, I would like to talk about a miracle that happened in my life. This miracle happened not only in my life but in every devotee’s life who is present before a contemporary Human Incarnation of God. Identifying a Contemporary Human Incarnation of God (Satguru), approaching Him, talking to Him, discussing with Him and learning from Him itself is a greatest miracle. This happens in every devotee’s life who identified a Satguru. You perform so many miracles but identifying You as Human Incarnation is greatest miracle that is (Maya Mathiam Tharamtite...Gita). So, meeting Swami itself is a greatest miracle...

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Divine Experiences of Shri B.S.K.D. Manikanta

Posted on: 15/05/2022

[By Shri B. S. K. D. Manikanta]

Padanamaskaram swamiji, I had many experiences with Swamiji in which He saved even life. I want to share one of those miracles which happened while I was studying B.Tech. It happened when I was writing one exam (didn’t remember subject but it was an elective). On every exam day, myself, Chaitanya & Datta used to prepare for the exam sitting in our college library from 6:30-9:30 am and then we used to go for writing the exam. Same happened on that day as well and all of us went...

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Divine Experiences of Smt. Sudharani

Posted on: 14/05/2022

[By Smt. Sudharani]

Padanamskaram Swami, Saluting the Lotus feet of Shri Datta Swami, I express my infinite Pranams to Shri Swami. This opportunity to share my experiences with you all in the direct presence of Shri Swami is the greatest blessing of Swami. I am very well aware of all my defects; I know I am undeserving. Even then, Swami blessed me by accepting me as His disciple and also gave me an opportunity to meet Him in person. He let me hear...

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My Experiences with my Sadguru His Holiness Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 08/05/2022

[By Shri Suryanarayana]

With the salutations at the lotus feet of Swami, I would like to share my experiences with my contemporary human incarnation of Lord Datta i.e., His Holiness Shri Datta Swami. I met Swami in January, 2000 for the first time in Shri Ajay garu’s house in Vijayawada. From then onwards, I had witnessed innumerable experiences. In fact, I daily experience Swami’s kindness on me in one form or the other in my daily life. First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratefulness to Swami because of the three most important things given to me i.e., human birth, marvelous true spiritual knowledge, allowing me to serve Him. In fact, even in the worldly life also, I am blessed with an excellent job ...

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Miracles experienced by Shri Ganesh Venkatesh

Posted on: 01/05/2022

[By Shri Ganesh Venkatesh]

This miracle happened when I was newly introduced to Swamy's knowledge. For a week I was thinking to myself that why don't I ask God for Bhakti rather than asking for materialistic boons and I kept on praying to God for that. The following week (17/11/2020) during the Satsang, I asked a question to Swamy. “Is having a desire to attain correct spiritual knowledge...

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Miraculous experiences of Shri K.Ravinder Reddy

Posted on: 01/05/2022

[By Shri K. Ravinder Reddy]

Today, I am going to briefly explain four miraculous experiences given by Swami to me. I understood from my real-life situations that love for/of God is superior to the worldly love and relations. So, I had an urge to experience the love of Paramatma. Last year when the construction of my house was going on, despite of several financial problems the work progressed well and came to completion successfully. I was very satisfied and had a Divine feeling that the house was a shrine or a temple...

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Swami Miraculously giving an excellent Job to a Devotee

Posted on: 24/04/2022

[By Shri Bharath Krishna]

Padanamaskarams to Swami. I would like to share two of my Miraculous Experiences given by Swamiji. Both of these are about Swami giving me a Job miraculously as well as teaching me some important lessons through those experiences. Swami gave me other miraculous experiences also before the one’s which I am going to explain now. In fact, as I learned His knowledge from Dr. Nikhil sir, one of my biggest questions due to which I went into deep depression was answered. I went through a number of sleepless ...

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Divine Experiences of Ms.Geetha Lahari

Posted on: 17/04/2022

[By Ms.Geetha Lahari]

I am Geetha Lahari. I came to Bengaluru to meet my brother Bharath Krishna 3 days back. After coming here, I met his friend Diwakar who also has been learning your knowledge for some time now. Since last 3 days were holidays for all of us, we have been continuously engaged in Divine Satsang discussing the knowledge given by You as well about the miracles performed by You Swami. We had a blissful time enjoying Your knowledge...

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Divine Experiences of Shri. Jayesh Pandey

Posted on: 17/04/2022

[By Shri. Jayesh Pandey]

During the weekly Satsangs when I first heard Swamiji’s voice, it sounded full of innocence and motherly love to me. And I was wondering if Swamiji could pamper me like a mother does to his child. Then one-night Swamiji came in my dream, he was wearing the attire like the picture saved as our group display picture, we both were lying on the bed like a grandfather n grandson. He was caressing my hairs and pampering...

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