Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 25 Dec 2021


Does God give importance to the procedures given by traditions of rituals?

[Dr. Balaji asked: You have highlighted Devotion and Practical sacrifice (dakṣiṇā to deserving recipients) as the key components of a ritual. In addition to this, people follow many procedures given by their traditions while performing rituals like drawing certain symbols, lighting lamps, chanting specific mantras etc. Does God give importance to the procedure of performance in accordance with the traditions apart from devotion and practical sacrifice in the rituals?]

Swami replied: As such, God gives value to only devotion and practical sacrifice to deserving recipients done in the ritual. He does not give any value to the procedure of performance of the ritual. Some devotees have rigid, strong and blind faith in the procedures of the rituals. For such devotees, the procedure of performance of the ritual is only a psychological utility to improve their faith and devotion. The Unimaginable God or ParaBrahman does not require such procedures. The energetic incarnation also does not require lighting lamps, burning ghee in fire etc., because the energetic incarnation derives energy from cosmic energy as food. Thus, if some procedure due to the mental inclination, environment and rigidity of the devotees increases their devotion, then, there is nothing wrong with it, provided food materials are not wasted. God has created plants and precious food materials for our sustenance. Does it make sense to waste food materials in the name of worship? It is in fact a sin to waste food materials in rituals. God is always pleased if the food is given to hungry beggars than burning it in the fire.