Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 29 Dec 2021


I am not able to do well in pravrutti let alone talk about nivrutti. Please guide me.

[Shri Jayesh Pandey asked: Dandvat Pranaamam, Datta Swami ji! May You place Your holy feet at my forehead and heart. Swami ji, My mind never gets stick with one thing, I'am always confused and as a result I never remain firm with my decisions and keep on changing them. Having a mindset like this, I can't even do well in pravrutti let alone talk about nivrutti.

Due to this problem of mine, I've already got lots of my parents' money wasted over me, which was given to them by Your grace, in pursuit of making my career bright. I seek Your refuge Datta Swami ji, for You are our Sadhguru, our Datta. You have come to guide us, for sharing our pains and pleasures, for taking us sinners on the right path, for delivering us from our wicked animal nature. I seek Your guidance Swami ji, for i find my situation critical in both the domains, the material world and the spiritual world. Tell me Datta swami ji, what should i do? How should i do?  Help me out Swami ji. Help me out. At Your grace, Your little devotee Jayesh.]

Swami Replied:- I understood your case completely. Please pray God Hanuman every day and develop tremendous devotion to God Hanuman. He will take care of your pravrutti and Nivrutti simultaneously. Please follow My advice very sincerely.