Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 06 Jan 2023


Osho accepts Godliness but not God. What do You say?

(Updated on 06 Jan 2023 from second question onwards)

Q1: Osho accepts Godliness but not God. What do You say?

[Ms. Thrylokya asked: Osho says that good qualities like love, egolessness, etc., are God. He accepts these qualities as Godliness and does not accept God. He says that Godliness, which is any of these divine qualities can be experienced. Swami, this concept seems to be good and there is no place for any objection. What do You say?]

Swami replied:- The main objection to this concept is that God must exist to utter the word Godliness. I deal this question in two stages:-

1st stage:- Is love or Godliness an inert quality (like weight of matter, propagation of energy waves, etc.) or quality of awareness (like happiness, suffering, etc.)? You or anybody will certainly say that love, egolessness, etc., are the qualities of awareness.

2nd stage:- Do you agree that the awareness cannot exist independently without a container? We observe awareness is always contained by a body as in the case of insect or bird or animal or human being. You cannot find awareness independently as an item in isolated state.

Conclusion:- Love is the quality of awareness and awareness must always be contained in a container. Therefore, it is very clear conclusion that the love is present in awareness and awareness is present in a body or personality. Hence, God is with awareness.  This means that God is a person containing awareness that contains good qualities like love, egolessness, etc. This clearly concludes the existence of a divine personality called God. This is a logical derivation based on the concept of Osho himself and hence, Osho cannot object his concept and this conclusion is derived from his own concept. Love is in awareness and awareness is in a body. Such body with awareness having love-quality is called as God.

If you want to have the perception of God, you can take the human incarnation like Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Mahaveer Jain, etc.  Actually, we say that God is unimaginable because He is beyond space without spatial dimensions having these good qualities. Such unimaginable God is mediated with energetic form to become energetic incarnation and is mediated with human form to become human incarnation. Hence, incarnation is visible unimaginable God. The genuine miracles or unimaginable incidents are performed by the incarnation and hence we infer the unimaginable God in the incarnation, which performs miracles. You cannot argue that any human being having love alone is God. In that case, every human being is God. Even if you say that every human being is God, you are accepting the God as a person and your concept is closed here itself. But the human incarnation has unimaginable love. To filter such special human being having unimaginable love from the rest humanity, we have also introduced the quality of omnipotence through miracles. You cannot find even a trace of miracle in any human being except the human incarnation. Such human incarnation is present as we have seen the latest Satya Sai Baba.

Q2: If Osho says that love is God, he has to then accept that every human being is God. Can this be the end to the answer?

[Ms. Thrylokya asked: Swami, As per Your previous answer, the quality of love is possessed by awareness and awareness is possessed by human beings. Hence, if Osho called love as God, he has to accept that every human being is God, who possesses the awareness that possesses the quality of love. Can this be the end of the answer?]

Swami Replied:- Though this is not the end of the answer, at least Osho has to accept that there is God, who is a personality possessing awareness that possesses the quality of love. From this point onwards, further analysis reveals that selfless love is greater than selfish love. By this, most of the human beings are filtered off. Very few human beings having selfless love become God. This means if selfish love is impure gold, selfless love is pure gold. The value of pure gold is more than the value of impure gold. The value of selfless love is more than the value of selfish love. Now, to this pure gold (selfless love), I add some more valuable items like diamonds and pearls. Now, the great pure gold becomes greater (due to diamonds) and greatest (due to pearls). The purest gold (selfless love) becomes greatest due to the added values of diamonds and pearls. Now, suppose the human being having selfless love is also having exceptional spiritual knowledge (diamonds) and also is showing miraculous powers (pearls). Such a rarest human being becomes the greatest human being and such a greatest human being with selfless love is called as God due to associated knowledge (diamonds) and miraculous powers (pearls). Here, we have taken the selfless love or purest gold as the basic material and due to the addition of more divine qualities, the value reached its climax and such a human being becomes God. Love is not an inert independent quality like inert electromagnetic radiations moving in vacuum also without medium. Love is the quality of non-inert awareness and awareness is not available independently since it must be contained by a container like a living human being. The awareness of animals etc., is not of good standard to be taken to express selfless love (The logical analysis of intelligence to understand the value of selfless love is not so much developed in animals, birds, etc.). Hence, love must be contained by awareness and awareness must be contained by a living human being. Among human beings, the human being having selfless love is the best. Among the human beings having selfless love based on awareness, even higher is the one having excellent knowledge and miraculous powers. By this gradual filtering analysis only, one human being like Krishna, Buddha, Mahaviira, Jesus, Mohammed etc., results, who is called as the human form of God. Miraculous powers are useful in bringing the divine discipline in the world, which indicate that the source of unimaginable powers is the unimaginable God, who punishes sinners in unimaginable ways. Such type of protection of justice in the society is also another noble quality like selfless love.