Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 25 Dec 2021


Some scholars rub even illogical concepts by quoting Sanskrit verses. Do we have to accept them?

[A question by Dr. Balaji]

Swami replied: If the Sanskrit language itself is the divine authority, we shall accept the concept of atheism also spoken by sage Charvaka in Sanskrit verses. No language is the authority. The meaning conveyed through any language can be authority after logical analysis. Shankara did not say that the study of any book is the authority or prerequisite quality of the spiritual aspirant. He only mentioned that sharp logical analysis to discriminate truth and false is the prerequisite quality. Will anyone accept abuses told in Sanskrit language? Of course, Sanskrit is the divine language of the angels and we will respect Sanskrit among all the languages. We shall take efforts to learn the Sanskrit language so that nobody will exploit us. Several mischievous scholars of Sanskrit inserted their own verses in scriptures. Hence, we shall accept any concept spoken in Sanskrit or any other language only after doing very sharp logical analysis (sadasat vivekaŠł•…).