Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 02 Jul 2024


As it is said, the present is in our hands, what is God's will in human effort?

[Shri Praveen Nageswaran asked: Regards, Praveen]

Swami replied: ‘Present in our hands’ means that we shall not brood over the past and dream about the future. We shall concentrate on our present work only. If God wills to give a fruit to you (since God feels that you are deserving), you will put the effort without your pre-plan so that you will get the fruit immediately. Your effort is only a simple formality in such a case because the fruit must be given only when the corresponding work is done. This case applies only when God wants to help you with a good fruit since you are deserving. Do not extend this to a bad fruit, in which case God is making you to perform the sin and get its punishment!