Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 17 Mar 2024


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Can ordinary people imitate Krishna?

[Gopikas approaching Krishna as darlings is injustice. Ordinary people will say that they can do the same since it is God Himself. What is the answer for this?]

Swami replied:-

i) God never preached the knowledge of the three strongest worldly bonds. It is the only the sages, who investigated these three strongest worldly bonds. Since their investigation is true, God has to accept their concept.

ii) The sages themselves went to God Rama and requested Him to test their bond with spouse. But, Rama postponed it to the next birth and never encouraged IT immediately. Even in the next birth, God Krishna threatened them about the horrible punishment of hugging the red-hot copper statue of Krishna in hell. Gopikas were prepared for the punishment and threatened Him back that they would commit suicide if Krishna does not accept them.

iii) Now, God has to protect justice as well as the climax devotion of Gopikas. Since the concept was also correct, He honored them by dancing with them. At the same time, He protected  justice by taking double punishment in hell (one punishment for His sin and another punishment for the sin of the Gopikas) by considering that as sin although it was not a sin at all in His case. He made sure that ordinary souls will fear to imitate the actions of God and thus, protected justice in the world.

iv) Krishna alone is God and others, who claim themselves as God, are not God. These tests are for the salvation of the soul from worldly bonds. God alone can give the salvation and not the souls.

v) Any soul will fear to undergo even A single punishment that is based on self-sin. Will the soul be prepared for taking the punishment of other souls?

vi) Hence, this incident should be confined only to the omnipotent God and to the topmost devotees, who were sages for millions of births doing severe penance for God. God may come as incarnation in every generation. But, such a devotee is impossible in this creation. This is the reason why God Krishna did not repeat this after leaving Brundaavanam because no such climax devotee (sage) was found in His entire life. He never returned back to Brundaavanam because the sages were tested already.

vii) Almost all the Gopikas passed in the dancing test and based on this test alone, no Gopika went to Goloka. Only 12 Gopikas passed in the test of stealing butter that was preserved for their children. Those 12 Gopikas only reached Goloka because they passed this joint-test of money and child. All other Gopikas went to Yashoda (mother of Krishna) and complained against God Krishna. Therefore, this joint-test alone decided the final result. The talent of God is unimaginable because He balanced both justice and love. No soul can have such unimaginable talent!

viii) Hanuman also got salvation without the test for the bond with spouse. The reason is that He has no spouse at all and hence, that test need not be conducted. Similarly, in the Gita, God Krishna says that the external worldly bonds along with the duties performed become zero when the internal bond is completely on God and even a trace is not on the world. For such householders also, there is no need of these three tests and they are granted total salvation.