Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 18 Dec 2022


Divine Experiences of Dr. Geetha Lahari

[By Dr. Geetha Lahari]

Padanamaskaram Swami,

I am Geetha Lahari. Swami had blessed me with His Darshan thrice before and it was pure blissful experience to sit before Him, to see Him and most importantly to listen the Divine Knowledge directly from Him. All this happened during my internship days of MBBS. Swami clearly instructed me to read the Spiritual Knowledge but I couldn’t do it properly.

After this, I tried to get Swami’s Darshan again but it didn’t happen due to various reasons. Later my brother and Thrylokya akka reminded me of Swami’s words that first we should settle in Pravritti by getting a good Job. It is the first mandatory step in anyone’s spiritual journey. So, I started preparing for PG medical entrance exam staying in my brother’s house in Bengaluru.

I get this thought that everyone is reading Spiritual Knowledge but I am not. I started preparing for exam but I was unable to do it sincerely with 100% effort. So, neither I was able to prepare for the exam nor read the Spiritual Knowledge without any exam tension. I started getting so many negative thoughts in my mind that I am not doing anything as instructed by Swami. Probably this was the reason I was not getting another opportunity to get Swami’s Darshan. I thought that my previous Darshan of Swami will be my last one. These thoughts were repeating in my mind and I used to become very sad at times. Smt. Devi Mam, my brother and Thrylokya akka helped me to understand that even getting a good Job is also part of our spiritual effort which we can’t escape. It took some time for me to understand this. I started preparing for the exam but I couldn’t get over this thought that I might never meet Swami again.

My brother also wanted to meet Swami and He also tried few times but failed. He desperately wanted Swami’s Darshan but couldn’t ask Swami because He thought He doesn’t deserve it. He also had similar reasons that He is unable to implement the Knowledge which Swami taught us. As the time passed, we were almost losing hopes that we may not get Swami’s Darshan again. In November, when my brother spoke to Phani Sir over phone, Sir said that He was going to visit Bengaluru. This news itself made both of us very happy because we will get a chance to meet Phaniji.

Here comes the real surprise from Swami. My brother called Phani Sir again to confirm when we can meet Him. That’s when Sir told that actually Swami was also going to visit Bengaluru on 8th November and we can get His direct Darshan. My brother didn’t tell me about this because I will be in Vijayawada to get my MBBS certificate and return on 9th only. Later Swami came to Bengaluru on 9th only and that’s when my brother told me. There were no bounds to my happiness when I got to know that I will be getting Swami’s Darshan.

Finally, Swami came to Shri Veena Datta’s house in Bengaluru and gave us His priceless Darshan and fulfilled our desperate desire. We sat before Swami and first thing He spoke is about my studies! I was shocked. I was almost getting the thoughts of giving up on my preparation for exam. Swami made me understand that my studies are important. Swami’s words has motivated me to again prepare for exam and also to learn spiritual knowledge. My fear that Swami might leave me itself left from my mind and Swami gave so much peace. Adding to that we got a beautiful Satsang with Phani Sir where He clearly told us that once Swami accepts us as His devotees, He will never give up on us. This reassurance from Phani Sir gave me so much strength and I have got hopes again. I learned many lessons from Sir but the most important one is that my purpose of life is to live for Swami and continuously serve Him. He also said that for last 15 years Swami never came to Bengaluru and He came only now. For us it is biggest miracle because Swami knew our desire for His Darshan. To fulfill our desire, He Himself came to Bengaluru and gave us a blissful Satsang.

Swami, You are ocean of pure Love and Kindness. Only You can understand a soul’s needs and desires and fulfill them even when they are not expressed. I was not very sincere but You have forgiven all my mistakes and gave me Darshan. I will put efforts to please You more and more Swami. Thank You Swami.

Jai Guru Datta Swami.