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Posted on: 03 Jun 2023


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Swami giving job to a doctor

[By Dr. Geetha Lahari]

Paadanamaskaram Swami,

I want to share a miraculous experience given by Swami to me recently regarding my job. I completed the MBBS course only by the grace of Swami. On March 5th, I gave the NEET PG entrance exam but the result was unfavourable. So, I phoned Swamiji to guide me what to do next. Swami told me to apply for jobs since work experience is more important than any degree. The first and only instruction from Swami was to apply for jobs. But I had another entrance exam in the first week of May and I wanted to study for it. I personally had some hope to crack it successfully. So, I asked Swami if I should study for the upcoming exam. Swami casually said, “Okay. Give it a try”. Since my personal liking was towards studying for the exam, I took this second instruction from Swami and neglected the first instruction. I thought of applying for jobs later on after the exam. But even before I applied for any job, I got an opportunity through a relative to join as a doctor for a decent pay. But I neglected it and didn’t reply to them. Unexpectedly, my result in the second exam also wasn't good and I also realised that the job opportunity was also lost since I didn’t reply to them in time. I repented a lot for not following Swami's instructions correctly. I got a life lesson that we will be at great loss if we don’t follow Swami’s instructions immediately and correctly.

Swami incarnated on this earth to guide ignorant souls like me but I have neglected His words and followed my own likes and dislikes. I phoned Swami again and Swami strictly advised me to apply for jobs. Even when I didn’t follow His words, Swami didn’t show any anger on me but was trying to get me to the correct path. I haven’t seen anybody being so patient all the time. After the call, I started applying for medical posts sincerely.  Later, I happened to go to my college to collect some certificates. Generally, I keep quiet with outsiders. But by the grace of Swami, I opened my mouth and enquired the medical superintendent of the hospital if any jobs were available in the hospital. He replied that it is better to do a job in Hyderabad or Bangalore to get good clinical experience. He himself phoned his old student who is currently working as a doctor in a big hospital in Hyderabad. The hospital is famous for solving extraordinary cases. The superintendent recommended my name to him and told him that I was a brilliant student. He also told the doctor to give me a job immediately and not trouble me by extending the interview process. I was speechless at that moment because my superintendent seriously does not know anything about me. Surprisingly, he spoke to the doctor as if I am very familiar to him. Truly speaking, he has seen me once or twice while I was doing the internship at college. I realised that this unusual behaviour of the superintendent towards me was nothing but Swami's miracle! My beloved Swami knows my incapability and blessed me with another opportunity without any trace of effort from my side. Although I neglected the first opportunity, Swami forgave me and provided another opportunity like this. I have no words to praise the kindness of Swami.

I came to Hyderabad and attended the interview on the very next working day. The interviewer was clearly not satisfied with my answers but to my utter shock, he explained about the salary and shift timings at the end. This is another proof that it is Swami's will to give a job to me and all the people around me are behaving accordingly to manifest His will. Within a few days after the interview, I saw myself working in the same hospital. The salary I am offered here is exactly half of what I was offered in the first opportunity I got from the relative. I don’t repent about it because I practically learnt what a soul loses by not following the first instruction of God. We can negotiate with God (Swami) to fulfill our wishes, but in the end, we alone will suffer by following our likes and dislikes. God is asking us to follow His likes in order to benefit us and there is no benefit to Him if we follow Him. God is asking us to follow His likes because we will spoil ourselves by following our own likes.

Actually, a few days before the interview, I learnt that I should not be getting a job until August according to my horoscope prediction. It is none other than our Swami who is God Datta Himself who can change any horoscope. I am surviving only because of the infinite kindness and love of Swami.

Also, during my first day of training, I was wishing to get posted under the medical department so that I will understand the overall view of diseases and their management in an integrated manner. Swami made even that wish come true by giving me training in the toughest ward of the hospital.

Thank You Swami for fulfilling all the wishes of this petty soul. I am totally undeserving for Your love but it is Your infinite kindness and unimaginable love which are responsible to guide a soul like me.

Thank You, Swami.

At Your divine lotus feet,

Geetha Lahari