Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 08 Apr 2023


God Datta leading me to Girinar

[By Shri Phani Kumar]

When I visited Pithapuram with three printed books written by Datta Swami, a six to seven feet tall saint appeared in the temple of Shripaada Vallabha, came to me asking for the three books saying that He was waiting for these books from a long time. The three books were: 1. Shri Datta Guru Bhagavad Gita 2. Shri Dattopanishattulu and 3. Datta Vedam. The total costs of the three books were Rs. 190. He took the three books and asked for the total cost. In hurry, I told that the cost was Rs. 160. Then, the saint waving His hand produced brand new notes which totaled to Rs.190 and gave to me. I counted and raised my head telling that Rs.30 were given in excess by error. I did not find Him since He disappeared. When I came to Vijayawada, even before I told anything, Swami was shouting against me saying, “You studied MBA and you don’t know the total cost as Rs. 190 since you were telling Rs.30 less. I could have lost Rs.30 due to your inefficient counting”.

In the temple, the saint told me that He lives in Girinar and that there are two temples, one on the top of hill and the second a little below in the forest. He told that He stays in the second temple and invited me to come there and also told me that He will show the path to the second temple. He also assured that lions and tigers in the forest will not harm me at all.  After 25 years, recently on 1st April 2023, I went to Girinar and was shocked to see the exact photo of the same saint painted on the wall at the foot hill. I went to the first temple, which was on the top of the hill and suddenly, a black dog jumped to me from the top of the hill. It refused to take any food offered to it. The dog led me to the second temple and disappeared there showing me the second temple of God Datta.