Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 Sep 2017


God Happy to Grant Anything Except Love to Him

Dr. Nikhil asked: I understand that the essence of Spiritual knowledge is practical philosophy or Karma Yoga. Please bless me to become efficient in this practical line in the service of God.

Swami replied: Theory of spiritual knowledge is the most important fundamental step since it is the mother of practice. Fundamental care should be always on theory. If this spiritual knowledge is perfectly true without caring for pleasing the audience with the aim of getting petty materialistic benefits based on selfishness, the truth of the knowledge generates emotion or power in the mind that helps the soul to implement the knowledge in practice. In the practical philosophy, sacrifice of fruit of work is the most important ultimate step as stressed by the Veda and as stressed by the Gita as Karmaphala tyaga. This ultimate step can be easily misunderstood since money is involved in it. But, one can understand the highest importance of money by logical analysis given by Me in the second chapter of Datta Dharma Sutram, which need not be repeated again here. The deservingness of the receiver decides the sanctity of this sacrifice. Money is donated to the selfish and clever priests, who exploit people by suggesting and performing worships to God for the relief from the worldly miseries. They are exploiting you based on your weakness to get relief from worldly misery and to get materialistic benefits for your family. This wrong knowledge is like poison that leads people to hell since their fascination to world is increased by such exploitation! Priests are depicting God as a foolish king, who is pleased to grant anything if He is soaped by praise! This is prostitution-devotion (Veshyaa Bhakti) in which practical fruits are aspired for theoretical devotion. Hence, the true knowledge of a divine preacher like Krishna is essential, which alone reflects the truth that can uplift the soul. Krishna preached the Gita and stole butter to observe the reaction from Gopikas. Some became furious and resisted it. Some appreciated and voluntarily donated the butter to Krishna. You may feel that stealing of kingdom of Dharma Raja by Duryodhana with the help of Shakuni is one and the same as stealing the wealth (butter) by Krishna from Gopikas. It is not so because Duryodhana is an evil soul aspiring to enjoy the money of innocent people through exploitation. Krishna is God like a grandfather testing grandson asking for a biscuit from the pocket presented by him only to his grandson. The former is not testing the love but cheating innocent to enjoy sinful earning. The scripture says that sacrifice (Daana) is compulsory as per capability and receiving the offering (Pratigraha) is optional (Aadyatrishu Niyamah). This concept is established based on scriptures and logical analysis along with experience.

If you ask God to bless you with practical philosophy, it is like a hero asking the heroine to make him capable in proving his practical love to her! Such practical love shall be natural and spontaneous from the side of hero about which only the heroine is pleased. If the hero is asking heroine for the development of such practical love towards heroine, it clearly means that such true practical love is not really present in his heart towards the heroine! The heroine feels sad about such request from hero. If the heroine grants such love to the hero and subsequently if the hero exhibits such artificial love, is it true natural love? Will the heroine be pleased with such unnatural love? God will be happy to grant anything except the love (devotion) to Him. God preaches the concepts to the soul to remove its ignorance and expects a natural and spontaneous love developed in the heart of the soul by which He is immensely pleased. God created this entire creation to enjoy such natural love proved in practice. God is not like a politician getting crowds by payment for His speech! The only aim of this creation is that one purpose only. You can clear the doubts from the teacher in the class while teaching the subject. But, you shall not ask him to help you with correct answer in the examination hall while the same teacher is invigilator! In fact, the heroine or God becomes more happy if the natural love of the hero or devotee flows with more speed when it is obstructed by them. How can she or He help you when both are intending to discourage the love shown by you to test the truth of your love? In Nivrutti, the effort belongs to the soul only and from the side of God there will be always discouragement only.

Krishna gave self-confidence to Arjuna by saying that he is born with divine qualities needed for spiritual path (Maa shuchah sampadam… Gita). Similarly, I am declaring that you are born with necessary divine qualities and you should be always brave, happy and contented. Ego should be avoided like flood, but, at the same time self-confidence must be maintained, lacking which is another extreme draught. Only original diamonds can detect and approach God Datta in human form.