Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 10 Jun 2024


How to balance worldly life (Pravrutti) and spiritual life (Nivrutti)?

[A question ny Ms. Thrylokya]

Swami replied:- I tell you a beautiful story, which itself clearly reveals this answer. A great personality (God) established an industry (creation). One lady (devoted soul) was appointed as the personal secretary for the owner of that industry. She loved the owner personally and wanted to be close with him (Saayujyam or very close living with God) forever. Such lady shall be perfect in the office work (Pravrutti) and also shall be sincere in the love with the owner (Nivrutti). She shall never forget that office work is mandatory and the love affair with the owner is optional and personal. Perfectness in the office work not only pleases the owner but also all the employees (all the co-souls in society) of the industry. When the industry is running on smooth lines with best peace and happiness, the owner is extremely pleased with the personal secretary since she is contributing in her maximum capacity in maintaining peace and happiness among the employees of the industry. If she is corrupt, the owner will not like to keep her not only in the job but also will never like to keep her permanently through marriage!

Similarly, if the devoted soul violates Pravrutti, God will not only punish him/her in the world but also never likes to keep the devotee closely with Him (Saayujyam). When the devotee is not fit for Pravrutti and also for Saayujyam, will the God allow the devotee to merge with Him (Kaivalyam) to become incarnation? (This means will the owner make such employed lady to sit in His chair as acting M.D – in charge?) The owner will think that if such a corrupt lady becomes his wife, she will swallow all his wealth and industry to neck him out of the house! Hence, a devotee must strictly follow justice in this creation and also must sincerely possess true love to God so that God will run after the devotee not only to give Saayujyam (to keep the lady always with Him by marriage) but also to give Kaivalyam (to make the lady as acting M.D. for all practical purposes). Even after the marriage with the owner, the lady can manage the industry while sincerely loving and serving her husband simultaneously. Similarly, a liberated soul can balance both Pravrutti and Nivrutti. A soul can be liberated even while alive in this world (Jiivanmukta).