Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Sep 2023


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How to eradicate worldly qualities and attain divine qualities?

[Satsanga on 02-09-2023 in the marriage function of the sister of Shri Hrushikesh. Important questions answered by Swami are given below.]

[A question by Shri Sai Krishna Chaitanya]

Swami replied:- When you are moving in the world for a long time, worldly affairs will enter your mind and intelligence. When you come home, you are entertaining yourself through social cinemas and serials. Therefore, all the time, you are like a mango piece soaked in the pickle jar in association with salt and chilli powder. How and when can you become the sweet rasagulla, which is soaked in sugar solution? Therefore, the basic reason is only your association with worldly affairs. Great devotees were always soaked in divine knowledge or in divine stories all their lifetime, just like you are soaked in worldly affairs all your lifetime. The rasagulla cannot become mango pickle and the mango pickle cannot become rasagulla. Therefore, you should realize this basic reason and start getting immersed in the association of the divine personality of God at least when you come back home. You can attend devotional and spiritual channels on TV instead of social serials and cinemas. Slowly this will develop and all the salt and chilli powder associated with mango piece (you) gets washed away and since you are immersed in sugar solution, slowly you will become the rasagulla sweet. Most people  mistakenly believe that if they are associated with God, their materialistic life will be spoiled and ends in loss. This is an utter illusion. When you allot sometime for God, your materialistic life also will be very successful. If you are not allotting any time to God and are always getting immersed in worldly affairs only, be sure that you will end in loss and in several tensions in materialistic life.